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Print / Online 2019-2021

The Times, Lift your 2021 spirits with nice bacteria Jan 2021


The Lancet, Bifidobacterium longum counters the effects of obesity: Partial successful translation from rodent to human Dec 2020

Irish Examiner, UCC study of gut microbes could lead to new ways of managing stress Dec 2020

Psychology Today, Can Oral Microbes Cause Dementia? Microbes in the mouth have an outsize influence on brain health Dec 2020

Psychology Today, Is Your Brain Leaking? A leaky gut may lead to a leaky brain. Here’s how to head it off Nov 2020

Psychology Today, A Surprising Way That Exercise Improves Your Mind Research shows that exercise improves your microbiota, boosting your mood Nov 2020

Discover Magazine, Gut Bacteria's Role in Anxiety and Depression: It’s Not Just In Your Head Oct 2020

Psychology Today, How Your Gut Microbes Can Keep Your Brain Young Sep 2020

Psychology Today, Coronavirus Drives Us to Drink and Our Microbes Are Enablers Can a healthier gut microbiota help us to drink less? Aug 2020

Psychology Today, Be Good to Your Microbes, You’re Probably Stuck With Them For better or worse Jul 2020

Irish Times, Probiotics that aid benign gut bacteria ‘may help ease depression' Jul 2020

CNN, Can probiotics help with depression? New research suggests a link Jul 2020

Newsweek, Probiotics May Ease Depression Symptoms According to Study Jul 2020

Psychology Today, New Hope for Parkinson’s Patients Tantalizing new studies point to a potential treatment Jun 2020

The Lancet, The gut microbiome in neurological disorders Feb 2020

Science, Meet the ‘psychobiome’: the gut bacteria that may alter how you think, feel, and act Feb 2020

Daily Mail, Dr Michael Mosley on how your diet can help you beat Blue Monday Jan 2020

Las Ultimas Noticias, Chile, Usted tiene que alimentar bien a los microbios de su cuerpo Jan 2020

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Irish Examiner, Made in Munster: Harvesting power of gut bacteria Oct 2019